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Cats & Dogs

Blockchain #NFT Play-to-Earn Pet Simulator & Metaverse!
Cats & Dogs is a versatile title that appeals to both the veteran Blockchain Gamer as well as the ever-increasing number of players that are, everyday, joining the Blockchain.
A truly enjoyable and wholeful experience, players bond and grow to love their Pets as they become invested in them. Attention and care will make the Pets happy & their love for the player will be translated into Daily Income! The gameplay is attractive and compelling — their decisions impact the course of their playthrough, granting ever-growing rewards as they commit to their fluffy friends. These economic returns can then be invested in the various economic systems that coexist inside the platform.
At its core, it's a game about the experience of adopting a Pet. While other Titles treat them as objects employed for violent means, we believe in nurture and care. In earnings through love and investment.
Due to its nature, the game ensures a familiar, fun and addictive experience, which any animal-lover can adore. Its financial design proposes an ecosystem where players can administrate, manage and work with their assets in order to grow, multiplicate and acquire extra-means of income and value. Like Pets, Cats & Dogs is meant for the long-run.
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