Uses Within The Platform

More than just an asset!

NFTs Are Used To...

Play more matches

Players will have to equip a Pet NFT. According to its rareness level and its “STAMINA”, they will be able to keep playing for longer.

These functions of the game will foster motivation to constantly carry on participating and playing.

NFTs Are Also Pets!

NFT Pets
  • Pet Adoption: In the world of Cats & Dogs, Pets are your NFTs.

  • Daily Income: Once you adopt a Pet, it will generate a passive amount of $PET Tokens daily. The value of this Daily Income can be augmented (as well as decreased) in a series of ways we’ll detail next.

  • Pet Games: You may play mini-games with your Pets. Each Pet has a certain, limited amount of times it can play each day until it needs to rest. These mini-games will give out rewards in the form of $PET Tokens and more for both the Player and the Pet based on their performance!

  • Companions: Pets are way more than just NFTs. They are your friends. They will be at your side when you need them, and will go to play with you. They’ll be happy if you spend time with them, they’ll be sad if you neglect them. You’ll be able to share them in your social media and show the world how cute they are with you!

Pet Care
  • Wellness: As we like to say — Pets are a big commitment. They will need to be cared for if you want them to be as happy and healthy as possible. This status will affect various features within Cats & Dogs.

  • Daily Income: The better your Pet’s condition, the more Daily Income it will generate. Each Pet has a minimum and maximum value it can reach within each Level (we’ll talk about this later!).

  • Happiness & Health: Your Pet has 2 main status bars — Happiness and Health. In order to fill them up, you’ll have two methods. On one side, you can pay $PET Tokens in order to feed or pet them. This option has a cooldown, and you’ll be able to do this a couple of times each day. On the other side, you can take your Pet out to Play. Playing with your Pets will improve both their Happiness and their Health at the same time!

  • Neglection: Do not neglect your loveful Pets! They need your attention and love on the daily! While caring consistently for your Pets will grant you rewards in the long run, abandoning them will make them Sad as well as Unhealthy. The lower the overall status of your dog, the less Daily Income it will generate — likewise, this will slow down its progress towards other features.

Pet Level
  • Leveling Up: Once your Pet has reached full status in both its Happiness and its Health, the option will pop-up to level it up. When a Pet levels up, it may gain access to special features such as learning Tricks, Rankings and more!

  • Daily Income: The more levels your Pet has, the more Daily Income it will generate.

Pet Growth
  • Pet Stages: Both Cats and Dogs have 3 Pet Stages regarding their age:

  1. Puppy / Kitten

  2. Teen

  3. Adult

Each new stage comes with a series of benefits. You won’t only see your beloved pet grow, but also be rewarded for caring so much for it!

  • Daily Income: Each new Pet Stage reached means a new jump in Daily Income generation.

  • Unlocking Features: Your Pets may only join certain special games and competitive instances where huge rewards are wagered if they meet both the Age and Level requirements for entry.

Pet Customization
  • Treat Your Pet!: You may both purchase and earn items along the run. If you treat your Pets right, they might just show up with a little gift. Hats, collars, glasses and all kinds of customizables can be given to your Pets. They’ll be the Valley’s stars!

  • Special Items: Some prestigious wearables are much rarer to find, and wearing them on your Pets rewards them with special advantages (like a permanent boost to that Pet’s Status!). A limited amount of these Items will be Unique, and once a Pet Owner gets one, they’ll be the sole possessor of the piece!

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